As part of Chessington’s new enhancement to the Penguin Enclosure, Chessington Buzz has been let into a few new pieces of information regarding the changes and what the new area brings to the resort. Penguin Bay will not only be an all new enclosure. It will allow guests to get up close and personal with […]


Last week Chessington Buzz spotted that large sections of track were missing from Chessington’s iconic Dragon’s Fury roller coaster. Since then we have been given a behind-the-scenes look into the work going on the ride this current closed season. This is in a bid to improve the noise generated by the aging spinning coaster. Large […]


Chessington has been fined £150k after pleading guilty on Friday to failing safety standards, resulting in a 4 year old girl’s fall from the Tomb Blaster queue in 2012. The HSE’s investigation found that the wooden fencing lacked a preservative paint and suffered from white and brown rot triggered by dripping rainwater from the roof, […]


Chessington has pleaded guilty to Guildford Crown Court after admitting to failing safety standards, in lacking to maintain the Tomb Blaster queue, and will be sentenced on Monday 12th January. It has been found through an investigation by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that dripping water from the roof caused the wooden fencing to rot, […]


With 2015 very much on the way in, Chessington has been wasting no time at all in preparing for the new season and, the Year of the Penguins. Chessington Buzz is happy to provide this exclusive update from our visit to the Winter Tails event. Work is progressing well on the demolition and clearing of […]