It has recently become apparent that Chessington is having a tough season this year, with the prolonged periods of downtime on Dragon’s Fury and longer so on Rattlesnake, sadly more closures are now in effect. Chessington has announced via its website that Tomb Blaster and Safari Skyway are to remain closed for the remainder of […]


A recent planning application has been made to the local council of Kingston-upon-Thames, outlining the construction of an extension to Adventurer’s Chicken Shack. The plans indicate that the extension will be built in what is currently a smoking area, located to the right of Pizza Pasta in Market Square. The lockers next to Stubb’s Sweet Shop will be […]


Following on from yesterday’s news, it would appear that Chessington have recently amended their opening hours, specifically during September and October weekdays. During the months following the busy summer period, weekdays at Chessington will see the park close at 4pm, as opposed to the original 5pm. This change comes as the second cut to opening hours this season, […]


Recently it has become apparent to Chessington Buzz that several changes have been made to the park’s Howl’o’ween event. Coming only weeks after the release of the initial line-up, it would appear that Vampire: The Haunting in the Hollows will not be present at this year’s event. The attraction had been at the park since […]


Chessington has begun its teaser campaign ahead of the 2016 season. With a new park map on display at the resort, the park has begun to reveal more details about what the 2016 season may hold for the park. The map reveals two new attractions opening next season alongside the recently announced Explorer Glamping. Chessington […]